Impacts a Teacher Can Make

In today’s world, I feel like teachers are getting much more of the blame as to why children aren’t learning in schools. I do agree that there are probably some teachers who have lost their passion for teaching and don’t really seem to care if their students learn new material that year or not. But, there are also some amazing teachers that make such an impact on children. These impacts can come in many different ways, whether it is the teacher who stands outside of the classroom door in the morning arrivals and afternoon dismissals and simply smiles at all of the students, the teacher who makes learning fun by constantly doing hands-on projects and finding creative ways to make it so the students are learning the material but also stay focused, or the teacher who makes it a point to know each one of their students on a personal basis. Children in school, especially elementary school, spend a majority of their time during the day at school, so it is so important to be a good influence for them and teach them how to grow up as successfully and well-rounded as possible. Although it is not a teacher’s job or place to actually raise the child, the teacher can still try their very best to make a good impression on their student and at least show them how they can be a thriving person in a classroom setting that will hopefully translate into their daily life.

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