Photo Safari: Beach Edition

I decided to do this while I was sitting on the beach with my friend and my family because after reviewing the list of pictures we needed to take, I figured that I would have enough materials/scenes that I could make this work. The overall experience was pretty good, even though I’m sure my family was very confused what I was doing and why I was taking pictures of certain things at certain angles. But, it seemed to pretty enjoyable and I felt like I could complete the challenge in the allotted time. It took some brainstorming and some of the pictures were a little more difficult to get than others, like the inanimate object look alive, but others were a little more easy, such as a bright light. I think the most inventive would have been using my sunglasses as the frame to look through since I don’t know if many people would think to do that since I am sure it is much easier to do this challenge inside, where you could use a door or window frame. In the end, I really enjoyed this experience getting to come up with these pictures with some specific guidelines but enough freedom where I could do it somewhere like a beach. It really made me think outside the box and take pictures of objects and angles that I am not used to.

An Overall of the First Week, Halfway Through.

This is a specific post about how I feel about how the first half of the first week is going. My brain works best when I can organize things into specific categories. Although I have answered some of the questions I am about to discuss, I felt the need to make a different post about the overall experience so far in general.

What I learned is that most of the tasks we were presented with seemed somewhat easy and not super time consuming. Even though it may have taken me much longer than an average person because I am horrible at figuring out how to solve these types of problems (go read about it, The Struggle is Real), it felt good once it was completed.

What I found to be embarrassingly hard was figuring out the social media introductions (check out my thoughts on it). If I were having in-person conversation, I feel like I could easily find things to say about myself since the person helps lead the conversation. Obviously, with these introductions, it was a one-sided conversation, so I wasn’t sure what to say. I figured out some random facts that people hopefully find interesting, but it was not an easy process.

What was easier for me was writing the posts. Something about having questions I need to answering and then being able to express my thoughts through writing is something I can do without stressing about it too much. Even though I have to make sure I remember to answer all the questions, something about the process of writing is much more enjoyable to me.

Now, for the fun things. What drove me the craziest would be trying to figure out how to create my website specifically for this class and getting WordPress to work with it. It took me such a long time to get it all straight and up and running. I think that has probably been what has taken the most time and it probably should’ve only taken about 15 minutes. However, I did enjoy using Flickr, finding pictures to post for it, and what to say along with the pictures. I had to do a similar introduction for another class (introducing ourselves using pictures), so I already had a general idea of what pictures best captured who I am. I was able to quickly check that off my to-do list and move on to the other social medias that were a little more time-consuming for me to figure out what to post.

All in all, I think this will be a good class that I will learn a lot from. Because I have used social media for a good amount of time but never really explored past the basics of each media, it will majorly benefit me in the long run to have these new medias up and running in case I ever want to reference one of the posts or remember how I created the account. Hopefully, this will be a class I succeed in, but guess we will have to wait and see.

The Struggle is Real

Trying to set up my Domain and Social Media took a lot longer than expected to. I thought already having an established domain would make my life much easier. But, I was proved wrong. I couldn’t use the blog I had already created because the class I used it for made it so the blog has to be set up a very specific way that would not have worked for this class. Thankfully, I was able to still use the website I had created but extended the URL to make it so I didn’t have to create a new domain, just a new blog website for this class. Then, setting up the social medias did not give me too much difficulty, especially since I already had some of the accounts created. Trying to remember all of the different social medias I had to incorporate with this class was probably the most difficult on the basic level. The real struggle came in when trying to figure out what to upload for each social media. I never know what to say for introductions, especially if I have to talk instead of typing it out. Although I am still cringing at the SoundCloud and YouTube upload, it was not hard to figure out how to upload them. What’s done is done though, the accounts are created, the domain is figured out, so overall, I think this is a good start.

Midweek Summary

This class is much different than I thought but in a good way. I feel like I did okay on the requirements for the week. I think I completed the requirements for the week, I tried to combine steps with each other in a way that made sense in my mind of how to organize it all. Embarrassingly enough, I seemed to have a lot of trouble with quite a few things but I think what was the most difficult would be trying to create a separate blog from the domain I had already created for a different class. Personally, another thing that gave me trouble would be finding the courage to not only record but upload files on both SoundCloud and YouTube. Something about my voice and my face being out there on the Internet I get very self-conscious about. What I enjoyed doing was creating a Flickr account because I did not really know what it was but I love how you can upload photos and the organization of the website is something I really enjoy. I learned that you can put yourself out there on so many different media platforms yet they can all come together to express yourself.

What I would do differently is probably figure out different fun facts about myself for each different media so people can learn more about me and not just the same couple facts over and over again. My biggest question would be how it will be trying to manage all the different accounts and how to make sure all of it contains the needed information. Another question would be is how different the people in the class will express themselves depending on their personalities. Will it be obvious to see whether people like recording themselves more than using non-visual platforms or vice versa?

Some of the larger issues might be making sure that everyone’s individual beliefs and thoughts are respected. It might be hard for people to feel comfortable sharing much of their opinion since this is purely a digital class so things can easily get misinterpreted. I know I will struggle figuring out how to word certain things if it is even the least bit of a controversial topic. From the cultural aspect, it will be good to read/watch/hear other views on topics, especially based on all the different backgrounds. Societal, it will be interesting to see the different ways people approach a topic because of the views and experiences they have had. Overall, I think it will be good to learn all the different perspectives and ways people express themselves, but there might be some struggles with misinterpreting or not wording things they want they were intended.

All the Different Media Introductions

Introductions for me seem to always be hard since I never know what to say or what would be interesting for people to hear about me. I don’t mind doing introductions without showing my face, like on Twitter or on Flickr (personal favorite since I love finding picture to express who I am). However, I get extremely nervous and absolutely hate taking pictures, especially recording anything with my voice. But, I did put myself out there on both YouTube and SoundCloud. Although it is mostly the same facts over and over again, I tried to mix it some different information here and there. Overall, introductions aren’t my favorite but I hope y’all were able to learn something about who I am!